Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Goals

Dream Board 2012 - By Skye Bickett

Last year I had 11 goals, 2 of which were not completed. One would think that I'd decrease my goals or keep the same number, but what's the fun in that? When I made my goals a couple of weeks ago I ended up with 18. One thing is wrong with that number - it's an even number and I'm really not too find of those. I do have a few favorite numbers and I would have had to cut 5 or add 3 to get to the closest one, so I decided to add 3. I'm going to list them briefly here and go into more detail in later posts as needed.

1. Lose 25 pounds
2. Learn to use/apply makeup - mainly using Michelle Phan's videos as a guide
3. Blog at least once per week
4. Create final outlines for 2 stories and write at least 1 more chapter in each
5. Write an article for publication
6. Short write-up and photo shoot of most places for book
7. Continue to eat healthy, which includes starting a small garden
8. Try one new thing a week, big or small
9. Work on household finances
10. Study/research at least 20 different Bible stories/timelines as they relate to history or science
11. At least 2 family nights a week with no TV
12. More time to focus on mine and Ivan's relationship and each other
13. Be more social
14. Re-purpose an old coffee table
15. Photograph the night sky
16. Photograph the moon
17. Mini-vacation at the beach
18. Buy clothes for fun - maybe try Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Items
19. Work on relationships - clear the clutter and grow closer with those who value our friendship
20. Compete in the Warrior Dash
21. Start YouTubing

So that's the list. Have any of you made goals for the year? Are they fun, serious, tough, or a mix? No matter what, have fun and enjoy 2012!


joKa said...

Where is the finally meet up with Karl and Laurann.

Just Me said...

I think it's included in the be more social part. :-) It has been too long!