Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lifestyle Change

The past few weeks have been so busy. Last week I was at a conference and the rest of this week Ivan will be at one. I haven't really touched the laptop recently because Ivan uses it for his business and I'm so beat at the end of the day that I barely have energy to play with Alexander.

Good things are underway, though. Other than being busy with work and family I have begun a lifestyle change, which includes eating healthier and adding a fitness routine to my week. I really have no clue how to approach working out, but Ivan found a program that could help - Jet Set Body by Rob and Kim Murgatroyd. This program is tough, but has so many great points. I honestly can't do everything in the workout (and I do the beginner one), but I push myself and will be able to do the entire workout by the time I'm done...maybe even move on the intermediate. They have a cookbook available, too, with some wonderful recipes. Their actually gearing up for a holiday cookbook, which I can't wait to get.

I plan to give little updates about the ease of the Jet Set Body program and my progress, including whether or not I stay on course or veer off a little. So far I've had a hard time because this type of lifestyle is so different from how I have been for the past few years. One of the wonderful points about this program is that Rob and Kim periodically send e-mails with various tips or information and they are available on the forums. This type of support, along with that from family and friends, is a key point to help get through any type of lifestyle program.

I definitely think I'll make my weight loss goal by the end of the year and hope to go beyond that. Here's to the beginning of a new way of life that will help not only me, but improve the life of Ivan and Alexander, too. I'll update about every 2 weeks as time permits with progress.

As a side note I really think I need to start wearing my glasses when I update my blog. Everything's blurry so I hope my spelling is correct and the sentences actually make sense.

For more information please visit the Jet Set Body website. Kim and Rob have started a blog to go along with the program and even share some recipes on it. Make sure to check out the rest of their site, too. They live a great life, have a wonderful attitude, and truly want to help people improve their life through being healthy.

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