Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dreamed a Dream

Man! It has been a busy, crazy week. I want to keep to my goal of posting, though, so I dug through my dream journal and found an interesting dream from 2005. No clue what it means, but it's funny and odd all at the same time.

May 27, 2005
I have the oddest dreams. Last night was a particularly weird/funny one. The dream started out with me, Heather, and some other people getting ready to go to a pool party or the lake to see friends. Next, I'm just at some house (that looked really cool, by the way) and Ivan and I are watching TV, although it may have been Heather. The dream is really fuzzy there. Anyway, the new Willy Wonka movie came on a Hallmark Channel that shows only new movies, but it wasn't Willy Wonka as we know it - it was him at his house. The first thing that can be noticed is that there are scarves everywhere (he apparently loves them) and that all toilet paper he has is black. Later it's revealed that he never gets rid of anything, which is why a multitude of scarves are in the home. A lot of bad stuff starts happening to him, though, and no one can figure out who is behind it. A friend of his asks if he really does keep everything and if there is anything he just discards after use. Mr. Wonka replies that he keeps everything because he grows attached to any object that he comes to own. For some reason he's working with some kind of press while this conversation is going on. I don't know if he's pressing scarves or if it's a press used to make lithographs. The only other thing I remember in the dream is that later, when he mentions that he discards nothing, the "camera" zooms in on two rolls of the black toilet paper. One's lying on its side and the other is standing up, but both are partially gone. I guess the whole time it was the toilet paper doing all the bad stuff because it felt it meant nothing since it was just used and discarded. I don't know. It was weird. I woke up laughing.

I probably had Oreos and milk before bed that night. I have weird dreams whenever I eat them too late, but that hasn't stopped me from eating them. They are delicious! Do you keep a dream journal? Had any odd dreams lately? Please share - I love a good story.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Goals

Dream Board 2012 - By Skye Bickett

Last year I had 11 goals, 2 of which were not completed. One would think that I'd decrease my goals or keep the same number, but what's the fun in that? When I made my goals a couple of weeks ago I ended up with 18. One thing is wrong with that number - it's an even number and I'm really not too find of those. I do have a few favorite numbers and I would have had to cut 5 or add 3 to get to the closest one, so I decided to add 3. I'm going to list them briefly here and go into more detail in later posts as needed.

1. Lose 25 pounds
2. Learn to use/apply makeup - mainly using Michelle Phan's videos as a guide
3. Blog at least once per week
4. Create final outlines for 2 stories and write at least 1 more chapter in each
5. Write an article for publication
6. Short write-up and photo shoot of most places for book
7. Continue to eat healthy, which includes starting a small garden
8. Try one new thing a week, big or small
9. Work on household finances
10. Study/research at least 20 different Bible stories/timelines as they relate to history or science
11. At least 2 family nights a week with no TV
12. More time to focus on mine and Ivan's relationship and each other
13. Be more social
14. Re-purpose an old coffee table
15. Photograph the night sky
16. Photograph the moon
17. Mini-vacation at the beach
18. Buy clothes for fun - maybe try Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Items
19. Work on relationships - clear the clutter and grow closer with those who value our friendship
20. Compete in the Warrior Dash
21. Start YouTubing

So that's the list. Have any of you made goals for the year? Are they fun, serious, tough, or a mix? No matter what, have fun and enjoy 2012!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Incomplete Goals

The 2 goals listed below were not completed. I'll give you my reasons, but they're just excuses - they could have been done if I would not procrastinated or spent money on going out to eat/buying presents for  myself and others.

2. Go as Dr. Who #4 (Tom Baker) or Velma Dinkley for halloween
Why didn't this get completed. 1) I waited until last minute. 2) I would have just been wearing it around the house and we had no trick or treaters this year (which made me really sad). We didn't go to any parties or go out anywhere for Halloween. I actually am glad I didn't dress as Velma, though. Apparently it was the trendy thing to do this year. Dr. Who would have been awesome, though. :-)

5. Pay off at least 2 credit cards
Well, with medical bills, car repairs, and Ivan starting his own business this just wasn't going to get done. I was hoping it would, but too many other things were stacking up. :-( Next year will definitely still have a financial goal in the works. It is definitely needed. Definitely.

Were there any goals that you didn't complete. Or that you completed and it was a great achievement and a shock? I'd love to hear about it. Let me know!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fitness Finale - Week 12

The title says finale, but this is the end of my first round of Jet Set Body; not the end of my fitness goals. This has been a great process that was tough at times, but I know myself and that helped me know my limitations and strengths to get through things. Below is my chart. I am going through this program again and may see if they have any additional workout routines to change it up some. I'm also going to try a couple of other things, but I'm not sure what yet. This brings my total weight loss for 2011 to 29 lbs and 12 inches!! I have completed my 4th goal - Be at least 50% of the way to my goal size/weight. I couldn't have done this without the support of Ivan and Alexander. They have been there every step of the way and have actually enjoyed the healthy food I've planned or prepared for meals. I also owe a great deal to Kim and Rob Murgatroyd. Their program and encouragement has been wonderful. Yay!

I can't wait to see what this year brings and I know it is going to be as fantastic as 2011. I'll share my 2012 dreams and goals with you soon. Until then, here is my Round 1 completed chart for Jet Set Body. I wish I had measured at the beginning of the year instead of just doing weight. It would have been cool to see the loss in inches and weight since January 2011, instead of just from October 2011. I'll have it this year, though. :-)

195 lbs
188 lbs
186 lbs
 180 lbs
 176 lbs
42 ¾”
41 ¼”
41 ¼”
 40 ¼” 
36 ½”
36 ¼”
 35 ½”
 34 ⅝”
40 ½”
40 ¾”
 40 ⅝”
44 ⅞”
 44 ¼”
Right Thigh
27 ¼”
 26 ¾”
 26 ¾”
Left Thigh
27 ¾”
27 ½”
 26 ½”
 26 ½”
Right Arm
12 ¼”
12 ¼”
 12 ⅛”
 12 ¼” 
Left Arm
12 ¾”
12 ¾”
12 ⅜”
 12 ½”
 12 ⅜”
Right Calf
16 ¼”
15 ⅞”
 15 ½”
15  ¾”
Left Calf
16 ¼”
15 ⅝”
 15 ½”
15  ¾”

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

I finally put together a slide show of our trip to the Georgia Aquarium. If some of the images look odd for aquarium decorations keep in mind that it was near Halloween. Enjoy! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Story of Us

My wonderful husband knows me so well. I never imagined that I'd be lucky enough to find the guy of my dreams. The closest I could ever get to my perfect guy - the only thing missing is the singing and dancing abilities. ;-) For Christmas this year my favorite present was something he made me. Despite the fact that he thinks he isn't creative, he really is. I love it! It's a book titled The Story of Us. It has different events from when we first met until today with blank pages for my notes/additions and to add to the story as the years pass. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

I love his sense of humor.

Secretly, I wanted it to be him, too.

True story. :-D

It's Awesome! We love our little Alexander. Love, love, love.

Have you done anything special for someone you love? Have they done anything for you. Please share your story. I'd love to read about it. Looking forward!