Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paint the Town Purple 2012

For those of you who aren't familiar with Paint the Town Purple it's an event held before Relay for Life. The point it to raise awareness of Relay for Life and of cancer. This year I actually participated in Paint the Town Purple in Suwanee.

I attended with my friend Karla and her mom. We decided to raise awareness by dying our hair, followed by chowing down at Olde Towne Tavern, and getting dessert at a local bakery.


We got our hair done at Hairllucinations. The ladies that did our hair were adorable and super sweet. It was $10 per streak with the entire amount going to Relay for Life. They ladies wouldn't even take tips since everything was for charity. 


I wanted dark blue streaks. They came out a little teal, but I loved it more than the original color I had chosen. It is also the color for cervical cancer awareness (which runs in my family). So it all worked out. :-)

The bottom streak is still a strong blue, while the semi-hidden streaks are a lighter blue. I also got purple streaks for Relay for Life and for women's cancer awareness. I love the color!! And I love that people ask about it and I can bring awareness to cancer and organizations that help people with the disease, as well as their families. 


It was such a fun event and I can't wait until next year. I wonder if I can get Ivan to get a streak of color? Probably not. hehe I'll volunteer next year and do more the the Relay event. There were tons of teens this year, so I think the older crowd needs some representation. 

Do you volunteer for any events or attend them? Did you go to Relay for Life? What other organizations, charities, or events are important to you? I have a few more, such as the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation 5K, but won't list them all here. Let me know who you help and root for. Until next time!