Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goal #9 (Painting Dresser) Complete!

Yay! Another item checked! You remember how the dresser looked, right?

Not really my style, a little girly. Kai, a friend of mine, has brought different items back from China and I wanted to display them in this room. I wanted to paint the dresser to work with these items. I ended up buying jade spray paint for the dresser.After a few days I realized that I was, again, painting something green. Why can't I break myself of this pattern??? Everything's green or blue. I need to expand my horizons, so I ended up going with yellow (as mentioned in a previous post).

I decided to spray paint because I have seen or read about it many times before and thought it'd be pretty easy. First, I sanded the drawers and body of the dresser. Here it is after much scraping and sanding...and it makes me realize I need an electric sander.

Now let's see it after about 5 coats of primer.

The primer covered most of the problem areas, but didn't get everything. I was tired of priming, though, so I moved on to getting the yellow spray paint. I don't have pictures of that because, after about 5 coats of paint, it still look like this. I was very frustrated, so I bought normal paint and decided to go with it. This also meant that I could bring the dresser out of the basement and into my nice, warm house with good lighting. Here's how it looked after 2 coats of paint.

Much better! And the paint is so vibrant!

I thought I'd paint the handles the same color as the dresser, but wasn't pleased - just doing it so I didn't have to buy more paint. haha My parents gave me a file cabinet and I needed to paint it, too. I decided to paint it metallic black - it was sparkly! Side note - Ivan actually painted the file cabinet. He's awesome. I had extra spray paint and decided to paint the handles metallic black. Here is the final result!

I love it! What do you guys think? Have you tried painting furniture? Did you get frustrated with spray paint or trying to decide on colors? I'd love to see your projects! Until next time.

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