Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painting the Dresser - Goal 9

Here's a picture of the dresser I wanted to paint for goal number 9.

You've seen this type of dresser before, I'm sure. I wanted a piece for my studio in which to place fabric, paint, brushes, and other items. This dresser really needed a makeover, though. Something to reflect my personality and whatever art I create. I wanted to remove the decorative border, replace the handles, and do some painting.
It was so easy to remove the border. I was going to just sand it a bit and not worry about it anymore. But what would greet me when the border was removed? This:

The face of the drawer was routed out so that the border could be completely inserted, not just glued. Oh and there about 50 nails in each border.

I was not a happy camper, but Ivan suggested inlaying the routed part. I looked into this, but the routed area is just way too big.
I refuse to give up, though, and am thinking of 2 possibilities. The first, which is a little more work, is inspired by the following piece from Twice Lovely (link at the bottom).

I would stain the top, assuming the wood is all one color, and paint the borders a similar color to the stain. The rest of the dresser would closely mirror the inspiration piece.
The next possibility is a similar looking dresser from Anastasia Tumanova's Flickr stream that has a bit more of a pop (link at the bottom).

Nice, huh? Because the dresser would be in my studio I would choose a brighter yellow. I could leave the border on all drawer fronts and just change the hardware.
Which piece do you think would look better in a studio? Do you think a different color would be better? Maybe you can see something completely different in my dresser; some kind of potential that I'm blind to. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Twice Lovely -
Anastasia Tumanova's Fickr stream -

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