Saturday, September 3, 2011


My original and only hands on project of the year was going to be repurposing and updating my old dresser. This is still on the list, but more have been added. The dresser awaits completion because I don't want to paint it until the weather is a little coolor. I'm not sure how the paint and/or stain will react in 95 degree weather. Never fear, however, because cooler weather is on it's way! :-)
My other project is repurposing a coffee table. It's old, or retro since it's probably circa 1980, but I see potential for this discarded piece of furniture. The legs defnitely need a redo and the top is missing chunks, so it's no good. I want to repurpose it to be a small spot for sitting and removing shoes and jackets inside the entryway from the garage.The underneath will be made into cubby holes for muddy shoes, work boots, or rain boots. I need to reinforce the underside of the table to support weight, which the cubby hole sides should help with. I'm not sure if I want to add knobs in the wall above it to hang jackets, purses, and backpacks or if I want to add a ~3 foot backing to the table with a few more cubby holes and knobs underneath them. I believe some sketches are in order to make a final decision.
There is one more project, but it will not be done before the end of the year. I want to take an old china cabinet and turn it into an entertainment center.The reason it'll take longer is because it's sooo heavy. I need help to move it anywhere. Ok, so I don't need help, I have to have others move it for me. It is seriously that heavy. The cabinet has 3 windows in it, but the middle one doesn't open. My plan is to take these windows out and add to 2 doors that can be folded and slid into the sides. Does that description make sense? Here's a picture that's similar to what I'm talking about...unfortunately I have no recollcetion of where I got this image.
I honestly like the art above this entertainment center, too. Even the wall color is appealing. I may repaint my studio (ooo another goal for the year) before I finish setting it up and am thinking of something bright like this. We'll see. It all depends on the color of the dresser. Will it be yellow or blue? Hmmm.
So what do you think I should do with the coffee table? Do you think my idea is good? Can you think of something else for it? What about the china cabinet? Neither will ever be used for it's intended purpose in my house. I have no china for the cabinet and a coffee table just wouldn't work in our living room. Should I post pictures of both so you can get a better idea of what they currently look like? Let me know and I'll get pictures uploaded.
Do you have any projects that you'd like to complete this year? Please share if you have any you've done or want to do. I'd love to hear about it. :-)


CIB said...


And I think something needs flames painted on the side.

OK. Maybe not. But I like both ideas with the table and the cabinet. With the table, I think you should leave the legs and then build the cubby holes around them. So it maintains most of its original look.

And I don't think there should be hooks directly above it. It' be like trying to get dressed under a closet shelf with clothes hanging down and hitting you in the head.


Just Me said...

I probably should have pictures, you're right. But here is a great example of hooks above a seating area -
I can always find examples of what's in my head at Ana's site. :-)