Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two More Goals to Check Off

Which goals have been completed?

3. Begin writing at least 1 of my stories
6. Have Ivan give me a spa day

There's no real completion date since these are both ongoing. Yes, I said both. You read correctly, even the spa day is on-going. Well, not really on-going, but it's happened more than once. I've had a few spa days and at least twice as many half spa days. Every night I get one or more of the following: dinner cooked for me, back rub, foot rub, trip to the store for ice cream, cookies, or some other dessert, Awesome being taken care of without me helping, etc. I really do have the most wonderful husband in the world. I'm very lucky and I love being spoiled. So double-check on this one. Who knew Ivan would make it so easy to achieve. Thanks, love!

For stories, I have completed at least half a chapter for 2 different ones. I have a solid storyline for both, but need more formal outlines. What I really need is to partner with a real writer. I know what I want to happen in the stories, but can never phrase it correctly. Any authors out there need ideas? Contact me and we can work together. Thank God for e-mail and Skype! 

Not much more to say here. Yay for goals, and double-yay for achieving them.

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