Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biggest Loser

At the beginning of October a group of staff and faculty members, including me, got together for a biggest loser challenge. I thought I would win, but seeing some of the other people shook my confidence. I've been using the Jet Set Body program, but definitely have had more than a few cheat meals. I love food and if I deprive myself of too many goodies then I know I'll fall off the fitness train very quickly. When I do eat something I shouldn't or overindulge (Thanksgiving, anyone?) I try to workout harder and add a short, fun workout to the end of the day. Yesterday was the final weigh-in for the 10 week biggest loser challenge. The winner was announced and it was me. I actually won! It was a very exciting day and I can't wait to celebrate the victory this weekend. I had so much support from my husband and coworkers and can't thank them all enough for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Here's to next year's goals and the road to being healthy!

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