Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, my studio had to go on hold. I had surgery a few weeks ago and just got back to work. I'm still in recovery for another couple of weeks and see the doctor for a post-op at the beginning of April. I just hope I'm cleared to exercise on that day. I never thought I'd say I missed exercising, but I can definitely say that now. :-) Recovery is going great, though, so my Ivan and I are very happy!

I'm wanting to start a few projects, but life, of course, is getting in the way. Some busted pipes in the guest bathroom have caused a problem. We need to make sure the basement gets dried, the guest bathroom sink gets fixed, and we need to rip up the carpet in our closet that got soaked during the process. At least I have a legitimate reason to redo that bathroom. Yay!!

Also, I want to mention a giveaway on ROOM REMIX - the blog. ROOM REMIX is great blog and has great ideas for inspiration and DIY projects. I highly suggest checking it out. The giveaway is on the March 15, 2010 post. 

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