Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update Delays

Of course there are tons of excuses as to why I haven't updated in, what, 2 months, but I will only delve into the important ones. I have accomplished 2 more of my goals for the year and they were big ones. The first was a 3 day weekend. We went to Charleston and had a great time, but discovered that it is definitely not a place we'd ever like to live. We do want to live near the beach someday and this was a possibility, but no more. I'll post more on this trip in a few days.
The second and most important goal was to follow my path. It's been a wild ride in terms of this goal, but I think I am on the right path that God has led me to. I now have a new job. I really think it's where I'm supposed to be and I just keep finding more and more positive things with this new direction. I feel like a weight has been lifted and have realized that I was more stressed and unhappy with my previous job than I thought. I think Ivan's supposed to do something new, too, but I'm really not sure what. He's trying to find it out, but is trying not to make a rash decision at the same time. This paragraph will be another topic to post about in the coming days.
I thought I needed to finally post something and have done so. I hope to write more on the above topics soon. Until next time.

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