Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alexander is 2!

Alexander turned 2 on Friday. He still doesn't get the whole birthday thing, but I like to think that he had a great birthday. Rose and Cooper (Ivan's parents) came up today and made Alexander's birthday even more special. I hope my mom (maybe dad) can come up this week to see him, too, but they did get to see him a week or so ago. All of the grandparents, and a couple of aunts, made sure to call him to wish him a happy birthday. Yay! Here's a picture of my 2 boys. You can't really see Ivan, but this picture is priceless.

I like that Ivan's parents brought me presents, too. hehe Cooper made them and they are magnificent! Here's a picture of the hollow form he made. Isn't it wonderful??

So far the weekend has been pretty awesome (as the year has been). I still can't believe my little boy is two. He's getting so big and has been the best little man ever. He makes our lives pretty easy and we try not to spoil him too much, but he makes it hard. He listens to us and does what we say even when he doesn't want to. And he's super sweet to us, espcially when we're sick or get hurt. I guess there's a reason we really wanted to name our first born Awesome (which is what we, and a few others, call him every once in a while). Here's to more great times!

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