Thursday, February 3, 2011

Number 7: Complete

11 in '11 list

I've been looking for the Muppet Christmas Carol for years, but could never find it on DVD. I did a quick Google search and found it at Walmart, of all places. Amazing! So #7 is complete. :-) *Bonus: I also got Muppet Treasure Island. Yay!

I think I like these so much because they're based on 2 of my favorite stories and the muppets featured the most are my favorites - Gonzo and Rizzo. I'm so glad that I have these to watch anytime. They make me think of my childhood and the great times I had. I hope Alexander enjoys them as much as I do.

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CIB said...

Wow! You finished 7 in 11. How awesome!

And the movies rock too, so double Wow!