Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guest Bath Redo

Our guest bathroom was a dark hole at the end of our hall. A brown, depressing vortex that swallowed all that is good in the world. Ok, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get how much Ivan and I hated it. The people who lived here before us loved brown because just about all of the rooms we painted brown, including the dining room (our play room) and kitchen.We decided it needed a pick-me-up so we chose a bright green as the new color. Because this is also Alexander's bathroom I wanted to make it further and paint the ceiling a very light blue (I don't have pictures of this, but it's a darker blue than I wanted. Still very fun and bright, though.). Below are the pictures of the transformation, which can be clicked for a bigger image.
The Beginning
Start1 Start2 Start3
Not much going on here. I had taken down all of the fixtures and other items to prepare the bathroom for painting. Don't you just hate this color? It's so blah.

Taping, Sanding and Such
Progress1 Progress2 Progress3
I finally got everything taped off and the walls sanded. The paint that was on there was a very high gloss and even after tons of sanding it was still glossy. Boo.

What have I done?
WhatThe1 WhatThe2 WhatThe3 WhatThe4
This was when I realized that the color was horrible. It was way to yellow and would probably look better on some kind of accessory or as a color used to make something pop, not as the primary color. I ran back to the store and got a green that was still bright, but extremely subdued compared to this horrible mess.

Complete1 Complete2 Complete3
Much better. Put everything back in place and we're done. Yay!

The bathroom looks so much better. The shower curtain and accessories all stayed the same because a) I absolutely love this curtain and b) I only wanted to spend a small amount on the redo. Job well done, I say. We did add 1 thing, though. A basket with a variety of personal care items: shampoo, conditioner, razors, make-up remover, toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact solution, and a few other things. You never know when a guest (or sometimes you) will forget things and need a replacement or substitute.


CIB said...

I agree. Job well done!

Mrs A said...

Awesome! Feel free to come redo my guest bath. except for the toilet seat lid which is embedded with sea shells and tiny dead sea horses embedded in neon blue resin. it is the only awesome thing that came with the house. I have no idea where the former owners even thought to shop for such a monstrosity. I'm thinking maybe a shady gift shop in Panama City. I do love the color green you picked- it is so cute with the curtain!